Plan B

I woke up to torrential rain outside my window, and I didn’t know what that meant for this morning’s long run. Rogues run in the rain, but not thunderstorms. At least not intentionally. We were meeting at a park in Georgetown, about 30 minutes away, and I had no idea if it was going to pass through before our 5:30am start. As I got ready, the rain turned to drizzle, so I decided I’d give it a try. I really didn’t want to run 18 miles unsupported tomorrow, so rain today was the slightly better option.

Three minutes before I was supposed to leave, Rogue canceled the run. Apparently the San Gabriel River had flooded in some places, including the trail we’d be running for at least part of the route. S and I texted back and forth a bit, trying to decide whether to meet up on the Brushy Creek Trail instead, since we were awake, but then the rain picked up again. Conveniently, Rogue sent out an email rescheduling a supported run for tomorrow morning, and that sealed the deal. I went back to bed.

But I’d already taken Friday as a rest day, and my afternoon and early evening will be spent at the Texas-TCU football game. So I decided to go out for a couple of very easy-paced miles.

It was wet, and water was higher than normal in a few places, but it was also about 70 degrees and a little breezy. I found it much easier-going than the last, oh, six months or so.

I ended up running 4.5 miles, and my podcast finished just as I reached my driveway.

But I still have to run 18 miles tomorrow.